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Memory Albums

Your memory album can include audio – voice, video, photos. You can share each album with family and friends

Share with Family and Friends

Designate a Guardian to carry on with your created memories. 
Create a voice message, video for birthday greetings, etc and set it for the future… for up to 25 years

Build your
Time Capsule

Calendar schedule a specific day when you want friends and family to access the album, email prompt and invite to open an album


Frequently asked questions

You can share you album and set the delivery for 25 years in the future.

Technology changes. for example, cassettes, CDs, vinyl and other mediums are now superseded by newer technology. One thing that is certain. Is the Internet will always be here That is why we will always keep a backup, copy easily accessible to you in the cloud .Your Memories are 100% safe with our newly created blockchain platform.

The app is for you only. Different users will have their own accounts to access the memories you share with them

That’s the story as been told by our founder and CEO Tracy. 

“Sadly, a number of years ago my mother was taken from me much earlier than expected, due to breast cancer. I would still call her phone and listen to her voicemail to feel comfort, but after two years, you cannot access this service anymore.

Last Christmas my aunt sent me a CD of my mother on a radio show. After so many years, I again, heard her voice…oh the joy!!

And it got me thinking, what if we could record messages and then after we have left, the messages would be send to our loved ones…?
Could I develop a messaging service to do just that?…this was the start of the idea for Autumn Whispers…”

Your Memories are 100% safe with our newly created cutting edge blockchain platform. We also use an advanced authentication approach beyond just username or password for extra security. 

Autumn Whispers is a cross platform message capturing app for all devices. Contact Us

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Help us create an app, your mother would love


Give us feedback and get the app free forever.

Only for a limited number of Whisperites!