A Digital Time Capsule That Captures A Message From You, To Them

A simplified experience for every generation!

The Autumn Whispers Vault

Do you remember your graduation, wedding day, or your child’s 1st birthday?

These are the precious moments along life’s journey that make it worthwhile.

We give you a simple, safe and secure way to capture and preserve these magical moments. You can now create a unique and private family tapestry for your loved ones to cherish.


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Organise It All in One Place

In the past there were letters, printed photos, then digital photos, voice and video messages. But none of these offer a permanent way to store and easily access these precious memories.

Imagine a world where voice memos, audio messages, old photos and videos are all accessible in one place. Now you can share your thoughts with the people who matter most- family members or friends from school or work–without ever having to leave the app!


Gift Your Loved Ones Treasured Family Moments

The ultimate way to say I love you.
Share the perfect gift to celebrate every occasion with Autumn Whispers.

The Autumn Whispers app makes it possible to share The Perfect Gift and celebrate all of those unique milestones.

Let them feel your love and remember those first steps to when they walk down the aisle on their wedding day!

From cradle to the grave, let them know how special they are to you!

A complete life story for those special days. 


Leave A Legacy

Naming your legacy ‘GUARDIAN’ and keeper of your family story is an act of love, which allows future generations to experience your personal history.

Leave the memories behind for those who will come after, and ensure they know their story is important enough to save in this world.

Record a lullaby from your grandmother, save old photos of your first home or a secret family recipe and nominate key people to access your digital memory vault.


Seamlessly, Create, Send and Share Memories

Experience the joy of customising your own digital time capsule. It makes gifting more personal and fun. Turn voice messages, old photos, and videos into an elegant online treasure trove.

With a simple click of a button, you can now convert all those voice messages into an unforgettable digital memory vault, that will last for generations to come.

Create a little message in a bottle for that special person to hear your voice again in the future.

A Digital Time Capsule That Captures A Message From You, To Them

A simplified experience for every generation


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Frequently Asked Questions

With our unique admin panel and calendar feature, you can share your album and set the delivery for 25 years in the future.

Your Memories are 100% safe with our newly created encrypted platform.

Technology is forever changing! For example, cassettes, CDs, vinyl and other mediums are now superseded by newer technologies.

However, one thing is certain, the Internet will always be around, we will keep a backup, copy for a period of time, (in accordance with our more detailed T&Cs and compliance agreements) easily accessible to you the Whisperite and held securely in the cloud.

We are fully inclusive, and all are welcome to set up an account and become a ‘Whisperite’ and the master of their own life journey/story!

As a Whisperite you totally control your Autumn Whispers app experience!  

Other users i.e., Guardians and Contributors will be given permissions by you, with different levels of access. They will only be able to collaborate for certain events if you authorise this. 

The story told by our Founder and CEO Tracy. 

“Sadly, a number of years ago my mother was taken from me, much earlier than expected, due to breast cancer. I would still call her mobile and listen to her voicemail to feel comfort, but after two years, you cannot access this service anymore.

Christmas 2019 my aunt sent me a CD she found of my mother, on a local radio show. After so many years, I heard her voice again…oh the bittersweet joy!!

And it got me thinking, what if we could record messages and then after we leave, the messages would still be sent to our loved ones…? Could I develop a messaging platform service to do just that?…this was the start of the idea for Autumn Whispers.

Your Memories are 100% safe, with our newly created cutting edge blockchain platform. We also use an advanced authentication approach beyond just username or password for extra security. All your data is securely held and protected in the cloud. 

We guarantee that your data will never be shared or given to a third party.

The different roles and avatars in the Autumn Whispers App
  • Whisperites – the sole owner and controller of the Autumn Whispers App account
  • Guardians – will be given certain access to legacy folders
  • Contributors – will be given certain permissions and access for milestone events; Weddings, Christmas, Birthdays, Family Celebrations and much more.

A guardian is someone you trust explicitly – with your innermost thoughts, secrets, stories, recipes, and memories: The Guardian will have legacy access to your private folders and will give you instructions about how this information should be kept & shared.
The Guardian will be given certain permissions by you.

  • Admin rights to your private folders.
  • But each folder should have options: admins editor, viewing, full folder access according to what you wish to gift.
  • This should be a simple drop down with permissions and then a link is provided with access to the guardian once it has been checked and verified via the admin panel.
  • A drop-down box should be included to leave a special message for your guardian with your special wishes and instructions for the information you are about to gift/share to them.

A contributor is a close friend or family member who is invited to contribute to a special milestone event: You will have specified access to this special folder.

They should be sent a link to download the app and then have access to a folder to contribute. They will be given access for a certain time period to a folder to share sounds, photos and video messages i.e. Grandmas 80th Birthday

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