The Voice from The Past That Changed Everything

“Hi Tracy, it’s mam…” As soon as I heard those words, everything changed. The voice on the phone was so warm and loving it was familiar. I replayed it morning, noon, and night. Just hearing her voice gave me the strength to carry on, even though mam was no longer with us any longer her voice somehow gave me comfort!

Losing my mother in October 2006 to breast cancer was devastating. I can still hear my mother’s voice in my head as I sit here and type this. Every day for two years after she passed away, listening to that voicemail would make it feel less lonely and we were somehow still connected.

But her voice was gone again after two years, as I could no longer access the VM service. It felt like losing her once more. That morning when I had always looked forward to that special connection from the past, it was truly gone this time and there was no way to hear her voice ever again. As the years trudged on, the memory and the sound of her voice started to fade.

Then something unusual happened in December 2019 my aunt sent me a CD recording she had found of my mam on a local radio show; I was ecstatic. It reminded me of how much I missed her and the love we had for each other. It was like she was right there with me once again and a pure joy filled my heart as I heard the voice of someone, who meant so much to me in my life, but who had been silent for far too long!

I realised what an amazing idea this could become; to capture voice messages and memories from our loved ones before they disappear forever? Autumn Whispers was born with this idea at its core – bringing people together through their memories.

Then COVID-19 happened to the world and in August 2020, I sat in my garden and thought ‘Am I going to do something with my idea and finally become the master of my own destiny’?!

That is when Autumn Whispers became more than just an idea/concept – it turned into something greater than me: A QUEST to create joy and comfort for others and to reconnect families through audio around the world in a private unique way, leaving words of wisdom for the generations to come.

So, born out of my idea, the love for my mother and many signposts urging me to do this, today we have the world’s first voice-gifting app, Autumn Whispers, where you can capture memories and messages for your loved ones.


Autumn Whispers

The name Autumn Whispers pays homage to my dreams and desire to help people connect with their past

Growing up, I had bright red hair like the changing leaves of Autumn. I always thought if I had a little girl, she would be a redhead too, and I would befittingly name her Autumn.

Although having a little girl called Autumn wasn’t meant to be, Autumn Whispers has become like a new baby for me. The ‘Whispers’ is about the past; the voice whispers from the past, paying tribute to the treasured voice gift and messages that will help you preserve your loved one’s voices and private memories forever. Hence the name Autumn Whispers!


Building Connections

Recent times have shown us how crucial it is to stay in touch with loved ones

Recent times have shown us how crucial it is to stay in touch with loved ones. But in this fast-moving world it’s easy to forget what really matters. We can fly through our days focused on our to-do lists. We can forget to pause, to treasure the moments, to say ‘I love you.’

Here at Autumn Whispers we believe in the importance of human connection and shared histories. We also believe that the bonds we form, the moments we share, and the traditions we keep are too precious to lose.

That’s why we want to help you capture your memories and life events – keeping them safe for future generations.

Autumn Whispers exists to help you document those unique life events in a safe, virtual space that celebrates your personal journey.

About Tracy McInerney

A creative, intellectual, and abstract thinker

Tracy McInerney

Tracy McInerney is a creative, intellectual, and abstract thinker with a decorated professional background in the corporate world and professional services sectors.

Now, she applies that same passion for creativity and service to Autumn Whispers as its founder and CEO!

With 25 years of experience working professionally within business sectors, she brings new and exciting leadership to the world’s first and most creative voice gifting app.

She is a builder of dreams, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a fan of all things Tech with a heart that seeks to inspire everyone she encounters. Tracy genuinely wants to create a legacy of connection and comfort for people and families across the globe.

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