5 Acts of Kindness to Do During the Easter Holiday

Make spreading kindness a part of your yearly office or family traditions.

The Easter holiday is a time for celebration, joy, and chocolate. But it also brings an opportunity to fill the world with even more kindness.

Showing acts of kindness demonstrates your caring and generosity towards others and can also make you feel happier and more connected. That’s why we’ve put together five easy acts of kindness that parents, families, – anyone really – can do during this season.

Here are five acts of kindness you can do during the Easter holiday that will bring smiles and joy to those around you.

1. Invite Someone to Church on Easter Sunday

Churches tend to be overflowing on Easter Sunday due to its religious importance. Inviting someone who may not have access or resources to attend church alone can make a huge difference in their life.

If there is someone you know who would benefit from going, extend an invitation and provide them with transportation if necessary.
Grandparents, senior neighbours or even friends can benefit from such an act of kindness.

Well, it could also just be that one person that goes to church alone every year. If you have a tradition of attending Easter Sunday service, this would be an excellent kindness idea to incorporate.

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2. Give an Easter Basket

Easter baskets are popular gift ideas for this holiday. It’s fun for everyone, not just kids when they receive a basket of candy and treats.

Gather some supplies such as candy, eggs, stuffed animals, and other goodies that kids enjoy, and make some baskets for kids in need in your community.

For the adults, decorations, flowers, and a shopping or restaurant voucher. You can even add an inspirational message or a gift card inside too.

3. Share Food with Someone Living Alone

Chances are you know someone who lives alone. That coworker, family friend, or neighbour down the road could be spending Easter alone.

If you also know someone who lives alone, such as an elderly or single parent, offer them food for the holiday season.

You can take a home cooked meal to them, but even more, they will be thrilled to join an old-fashioned Easter dinner around a table with the warmth of family and friends.

4. Donate to a Charity

Consider donating money or items such as clothes or toys during the Easter holiday season.

Many nonprofit organisations are always open for donations when people are in a giving period due to the season spirit. To help out, consider donating to these organisations to reach more lives.

You can even identify one charity and build your family legacy around helping it.

Today, it’s easier since you can donate online if that’s more convenient for you.

5. Share Easter Messages with Loved Ones

Reach out to loved ones by sending cards or messages wishing them a happy Easter and sharing what makes them valuable in your life.

The small act of kindness will surely put smiles on their faces and remind them how much they mean to you.

Life journey albums are treasured memories for most people. So you can create a digital album of your best moments together and share it with them so they can always access it for life.

To Sum Up

During this Easter holiday, show kindness by doing one (or all) of these acts of kindness in our list above. There are so many ways we can spread love and joy during this holiday season – let’s start now.

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