Cure Anxiety Without Medication: 6 Ways for Mental Well-Being

6 Ways to Cure Anxiety without Medication

New situations and stressful circumstances like first dates, public speaking events, and job interviews can make anyone anxious. Luckily, situational anxiety fades away quickly.

However, when feelings of dread, fear, or worry persist, you might have an anxiety disorder. Dignity Health discovered that anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S. Fortunately, most cases of anxiety are treatable, and some simple practices cure anxiety even without medication. For instance, holistic therapies and lifestyle changes can cure anxiety without medication.

We will share six ways to cure anxiety without medication.

1. Start an Audio Journal

Audio journaling is a technique that has helped many people to deal with anxiety. Anxiety reduces the capacity of the mind to process emotions and occurrences healthily.

Audio journaling these emotions and feelings can help calm the brain and enhance its ability to process situations. Although audio journaling might make the emotions feel severe at first, it helps achieve resolution- much like speaking to a therapist. Regular audio journaling can reduce the heightening of stress levels and cure anxiety without medication.

2. Avoid Stimulants and Get Enough Sleep

It has become common practice to reach for a cup of coffee when they feel wound up. Some prefer to take nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, or prescription drugs in high-tension situations. However, such substances can magnify anxiety symptoms.

Consuming substances like herbal tea with a lower concentration of stimulants in anxious circumstances is healthy. Anxiety and stimulants are closely associated with sleeplessness. Poor sleep patterns enhance anxiety symptoms.

3. Breath Deep and Practice Mindfulness

Deep breaths relax the mind and body by lowering the blood pressure and heart rate. A deep breath relaxes muscles and instructs the brain to stop releasing anxious hormones. Implementing breathing exercises learned in yoga can help ease feelings of anxiety.

Mindfulness is also another method to cure anxiety without medication. It involves focusing on the current happenings and the present feelings. The basis of practising mindfulness helps you to avoid re-experiencing past regrets and worrying about future uncertainties. So, instead of worrying, you stay in the moment and experience each day at a time.

4. Keep a Voice Note Diary

A voice note diary is a typical diary that utilises audio recordings as the core form of content storage.

A voice note diary is a proven and efficient way of coping with anxiety. When you create voice note entries they capture all the details like intonation, laughter, sobbing, and general mood at the time.

A text diary cannot capture raw emotions. Listening, analysing, and meditating on content in your voice note diary can cure anxiety without medication and result in a happy life.

5. Exercise and Enjoy Your Routine

Regular exercise minimises anxiety and stress levels. Exercises like jogging in the woods or strolling in the park have anxiety-reducing benefits. Enjoy your daily work activities, but ensure you have time away from work, the internet, technology, and typical daily activities. Setting time for hobbies and leisure activities such as cycling, fishing, reading, gardening, and skating can reduce anxiety.

6. Spare Time to Play

Most adults tend to downplay the necessity of playtime due to the tight timelines of their current work situations. Nevertheless, play is essential as it makes you smile, rejoice, and takes your mind off the never-ending activities of the world.

Constructive hobbies make for adult playtime. Play activities include painting, sports, outdoor games, and nature walks.


Anxiety is a common mental disorder worldwide, but you can cure anxiety without medication. Overcoming nervousness and worry is a matter of adjusting your thoughts, behaviour, and lifestyle. Taking a medication-free approach is the best way to cure anxiety, but it is wise to consult professionals before choosing a tactic.

To improve your mental well-being, start by organising your thoughts and emotions. And why not take it a step further? Try using a voice gifting app today to track and relive your positive experiences.

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