7 Surprising Benefits of Creating a Video Diary

7 Surprising Benefits of Creating a Video Diary

“Exploring a century-old tradition in a new-age package.”

For many today a diary is a place to turn inward during uncertain times. Dear diary, keep off, don’t read are some of the keywords we associate with it, which denote the personal nature of diaries.

Over time what started as a blank notebook transformed into a practice that goes beyond simply writing private thoughts and musings. Contrary to popular belief of this digital era, a video diary is not only for influencers, socialites, and private journaling for mental health.

We’ll show you 7 profound and hidden benefits of creating a video diary, whether you are into journaling or not.

A Brief History of the Video Diary

People have kept journals and diaries to record their thoughts and everyday experiences.

The first ever incident of journaling recorded in history is Marc Aurelios ‘Meditations‘ between 161 to 180 A.D. Later, Lewis and Clark documented their exploration of North America in several diaries with sketches of plants and animals for the world. A more popular diary is one by Jewish girl Frank Anne where she records her family experiences during the Nazi era.

All these early accounts point to the critical role of keeping a diary in historical preservation.

Today technology is central to digital preservation. With the advancement of technology, maintaining a video diary has become easy and more popular.

The first documented use of a personal video diary was during the early days of camcorders in the 1980s. It was a way to document ordinary people’s lives and it revolutionized home videos. Before then, films were used to document special occasions such as weddings and birthdays.

Fast-forward to today, platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and memory apps with custom features have made it incredibly easy to share self-produced content with the world.

Super Cool Benefits of Creating a Video Diary

1. Develop a habit of reflection.

Creating a video diary is an excellent way to sort your thoughts and emotions. Film can capture expressions, tones, and nuances in a unique way. It is an effective tool for self-analysis and reflection, and stress relief.

2. Document your life’s journey.

Great for capturing key moments or events in your life. It is documenting a personal milestone or treasured life experience in a time capsule to reflect back on life. A video diary is ideal for recording births, graduations, weddings, new jobs, etc.

3. Create a unique keepsake for friends and family.

With respect to digital preservation, recording stories and personal experiences is an excellent way to share them with future generations.

4. Practice self-expression and creativity.

Creating a video diary is a great way to communicate without being overly concerned about judgment. You have absolute control over the content and the way in which you present. It is an opportunity to express yourself through various mediums, including music, art, and narration.

5. An easy way to tell stories of personal growth and success

Keeping a video diary makes it easy to build personal history – which ideally tells your success and growth.

6. A fun activity you can do with a friend, partner, or family

Creating a video diary with a friend or family can strengthen your relationship. It’s a fun and creative way to spend time together and bond over shared interests.

7. A creative outlet.

A video diary is an outlet for creative self-expression. It is a place you can experiment with different talents, interests and skills like poetry, music, cooking, or art.

Digital Preservation through a Video Diary

Do you remember when you were a kid and how much you loved looking at old family photo albums?

The nostalgia of reliving old memories is unmatched. Now, imagine how amazing it would be to see videos of your family members as they recount their experiences and share their stories. That is where the idea of video diaries comes in, where you can record your thoughts, feelings, and experiences and create a digital archive of your life for future generations to see. If not for anything, creating a video diary is paramount for your legacy’s digital preservation.

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