Easy Ways to Share Your Family History with Kids

Have you ever wished there was an easy way to share special memories with your children or grandchildren?

Well, there are many ways to engage young people in learning about family history. We’ll explore some of them to ensure your kids truly appreciate the richness of their heritage – so let’s get started!

Why Family History Matters

Children need to feel anchored in their family lineage to understand that success is built upon the memories and milestones of those who have gone before.

Exploring family history is essential in uncovering identity; opening up conversations about previous generations’ sacrifices and journeys that allows us to recognize how far we’ve come.

As such, sharing family history is a core component of this process.

How to Share Family History with Your Children?

Passing on your family history is not as complicated as it may seem.

If you are like most people, the summer is a time that brings back happy memories of going horseback riding, taking a family vacation, or simply sitting on the front porch sipping iced tea and spending more time with family.

All those summer memories are traditions and history you can pass on to your children. Let’s dive in.

Keep Traditions Alive and Create New Ones

Did you have cosy nights with carols during Christmas break?

Continue this with your family and teach them the value of those traditions to you and your grandparents. Every family has one of those- whether it is planting a garden or praying at night, these can help cement the family identity in kids.

Unfortunately, some may have had difficult childhoods they want to forget. In this case, this may be the time to create traditions you wish your future generations to keep and connect them.

Trace Your Family History with a Family Tree

Family trees can help us trace our origins and family relatives. In fact, our heritage and culture always point us to our lines of descent. So, create a family tree with your children to help them appreciate their culture.

Be as detailed as possible, and where there are holes, you can use search tools and libraries or get help from grandparents and other relatives.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane and Visit Your Family Home

Another great way to share your family history with children is by allowing them to interact with where you grew up. It does not have to be just your home- take them to your town and other places that make up your childhood.

Doing this is sure to spark their desire to know more.

Of course, don’t forget to interview some available family members- uncles, aunts, and cousins for a rich perspective.

Start a Treasure Trove by Creating Memory Albums

What better way to capture family history than with items that will remind us of the places we have been?

Start a family album and compile photos, videos, and audio files from interviews or messages from loved ones. With the Autumn Whispers app, you can make the entire process seamless with secure albums where only you can choose the people to add as contributors and one trusted person to be your memories guardian.

The Bottom Line

Simple bonding activities, naming systems, food, and lifestyle make up our family history. What you do every day with your children and relatives counts and is what you will be remembered for long after you are gone.

Why not start now? Establish and be intentional about the things you want to pass on.
You can begin by implementing some of the simple suggestions we have provided and get help securing important traditions here.


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