How to Easily Create a Digital Time Capsule

The reality of life is that memory fails, and time, seasons, and lifestyles change. Even the landscape today will not look the same some fifty years from now. So, if you want to capture and document and preserve your life memories for your future self or loved ones, creating a time capsule comes in handy.

Well, at least a digital time capsule.

While time capsules have been around for centuries, and people still create them, they can only live for so long. The good news is that with today’s technological advances, the era of burying a shoebox is becoming a thing of the past.

We can now use the technology of the digital age to create encrypted digital time capsules that can live far much longer than before.

What’s a digital time capsule

Well, previously you could create a physical time capsule such as a shoe box, bottle, or memory jar, with a collection of items like personal letters, photos, mementos, or movie collections, that could be buried or kept in a safe place.

A digital time capsule, on the other hand, does not rely on physical items. You can create and store treasured memories in a digital format that lives long enough to become a digital personal archive.

How to create a digital time capsule

Creating a good time capsule answers two critical questions. The issue of time and storage.

The first issue of time depends on the type of time capsule you want to create. People create these based on a theme or purpose which informs when they can open or access it.

For instance, you can create a time capsule for a child’s memories to remind them of their journey. In this case, when you decide to schedule for them to access and open it depends on milestones or age stages such as graduation, wedding day, or 18th and 21st birthday.

Other examples of types of digital time capsules you can create include:

  • Birthday time capsules
  • Family holidays
  • Special days and occasions
  • Life milestones
  • Legacy
  • Hobbies and experiences


Whichever type of time capsule you create, it is more fun when you leave it for a long period when you have forgotten about the contents.

The second question about storage depends on the preservation method and format.
As the name suggests, a digital time capsule is about utilising digital preservation methods to store memories. Current technology offers many ways to do this. These include online storage folders, such as those of Google Drive and Dropbox, USB sticks, phone memory, or computer drives.

Still, we have photo apps. However, the best digital preservation medium app or otherwise should be one that can easily transition with technological advances, so you don’t lose all your precious memories.

Autumn Whispers helps you save your special moments forever in an innovative digital time capsule that allows you to:

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  • Listen to family stories
  • Create a family or friends community
  • Invite family and friends
  • Contribute and share memories in one place.


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