How to Make Memories Last Forever

How to Make Memories Last Forever

For many of us, memories are one of the most valuable treasures in life. They’re our connection with the past that can bring joy every day. Yet, memories go beyond that.

They help us recall moments or recapture events we may have forgotten or never experienced.
But, as time passes and life changes, how do we keep these memories alive?

These are various tips on making memories last a lifetime.

Read on to preserve your cherished experiences and make those lovely moments more meaningful for years.

First, What is a Memory?

Is it people, facts, and places we remember? In definition, but a memory is more than that. It is about the meaning behind these things.

Memory is a mental impression of information we get from around us. It is also the ability to preserve and retrieve this information. Over time our brains form collective memories, either personal or family memories.

Making memories last is a deep seated desire because of our impression of the event- the backstory.

Facts are of little value without the impression of the participants.

Making Memories Last

Remembering happy memories is paramount to our well-being and sense of self.

The human brain can store and retrieve these memories, but the process is not always accurate.

There are issues with forgetting, misremembering events, wrong encoding (understanding) events, and mental illnesses such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and depression that erase or alter memories.

We all need a better and more permanent way of making memories last, especially family memories.

Part of making memories last is to capture them in a way that lasts forever. The other is storing them in a place that later generations can access.

And that brings us to the need for digital preservation- with digital albums, records, and digital time capsules.

Looking at all types of digital media, such as videos, photos, recordings or audio files, and documents, you’ll still need a safe and large capacity storage to ensure they last.

The Principles of Successful Digital Records Preservations

So how do you choose a digital records software for your precious family memories? Consider the principles below.

Consider the Type of Media.
When we quickly scan our homes, there are probably tons of family memories everywhere. These are in documents, old tapes, flash drives, computer drives, and even the old CDs.

So, we have the memories. That’s great!

The better question to ask is, for how long we will have these memories. Do we have an accurate and secure way of making memories last for our family to enjoy when we are gone?

Consider the Lifespan of the Media.
From the list of media items in our homes, we can see all these will have varying lifespans- until they wear out, get misplaced or lost.

How long paper or documents will last depends on the storage.
But these are the most prone to destruction or loss. Disks, tapes and flash drives up to 30 years.

Cloud-based storage or online services can live up to several decades, at least as long as the services exist.

There’s another option.
A cloud-based storage which gives creators independence from the service providers; this is the principle behind the Autumn Whispers app.

Learn more about Autumn Whispers and the mission to preserve family memories and legacies.

Consider the Hardware to Read the Media

Technology will keep advancing, media will evolve, and some formats will become obsolete in a few years.

If you have family memories in these media types, will the future generations be able to access them?

A cloud-based digital time capsule like Autumn Whispers will evolve with technology innovations.

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