Simple Ways to Show Up for Your Loved Ones this Valentine’s Season

We can all use the warmth of love not just on valentine’s but every day. Here are ways to show up for people in your life now and every day.

The pandemic brought some unexpected drastic changes to our lives. As far as relationships and family connections are concerned, the economic strain hasn’t made it easy. 

Whether you always look forward to a season or you cannot wait for it to be over, what’s clear is we could all do with an extra dose of love right now.

Let’s use this time to show love to our family members, friends, and spouses in the most meaningful but not necessarily extravagant ways. 

Below is a list of simple Valentine’s Day gift ideas you can use to show up for loved ones this season.

1. Tell Them Why You are Grateful

Gratitude is a gift to others and yourself. Studies have shown gratitude to positively affect the physical and emotional well-being of the one expressing it. Consider uplifting messages a valentine’s gift that keeps on giving. 

Two conditions for sharing appreciation messages are authenticity and being specific. Your loved ones will appreciate the sincerity and motive behind the words.

If you consider sharing feelings stressful, you can choose to pre-record a voice note and send it as a surprise valentine’s gift.

2. Use Customised Gift Ideas for Family Members

Nothing beats a personalised present. There is a billion-dollar industry around romance and custom valentines gift ideas around February.

That’s not to say your gift ideas for family members must be romantic or cost a fortune.

Since you know your loved ones so well, you can get creative with those old photos, memories, and their favourite songs and whip up a customised playlist.
The good news is the time is ripe for going digital with a photo journal and write-ups about your happy memories together.

3. Volunteer to Help Them

Valentine’s gift ideas do not have to revolve around candle-lit dinners in a five-star hotel.

Acts go a long way in expressing genuine care and attention.

Is there a way you can make their life easier by doing something on their behalf?

Cooking a meal for them is a simple but thoughtful gesture that female spouses will immensely appreciate if you live together. It doesn’t have to be limited just to couples. You can prepare a meal and drop it off to your friend, parent, husband, and even grandparents.

Another creative act is doing house chores or running an errand.

We live in a fast-paced world that demands more from us, especially at work, making maintaining the work-life balance challenging. What better way to show attention and care than taking care of some of the home life demands for someone this season?

For friends living in different cities, you can do a virtual hangout to catch up and reminisce over your journey together.

If you want to utilise these gift ideas for family members this valentine’s season, sign up for the Autumn Whispers App. You can easily use this to create a photo journal or playlists, record voice notes, and share customised family photo albums with your loved ones to show love to them.