What is Family Storytelling

What is Family Storytelling?

‘Family stories form a real legacy you can pass along.’

In many homes, the tradition of parents reading bedtime stories is a regular occurrence. Well, this is one activity borrowed from the traditional family storytelling practice, ‘oral tradition.’ It is a modern-day version of family storytelling, if you will.

While there’s nothing wrong with reading bedtime stories, these are other people’s stories. Wouldn’t it be more fun and meaningful to share your family stories? That starts with building a family storytelling tradition.

What is Family Storytelling?

Storytelling is a way of communicating (or recording) life experiences.

In a family setting, storytelling involves sharing life journeys within the family, capturing the details of what happened, how it felt or affected the people involved, and why it happened or the meaning.

Family storytelling is a way families communicate their history through tales about people, events, places, and periods they lived.

While most of us rarely think about it, storytelling comes naturally to us, and we often do it during meals, leisure time, and family gatherings. However, it takes being intentional to capture these stories to avoid losing them in time.

Why Family Storytelling Matters in the Modern World

With the passing of the older generation, we lose an integral part of our family legacy. Unfortunately, family storytelling has become infrequent in today’s world.

Many influences from the environment threaten to discontinue this ritual.

Family separations: People are moving to different parts of the world for work.

Fragmented families: The older generations don’t live with younger ones, divorce and other issues fragment families.

Family history is lost and inaccessible in older formats such as tapes and others in unknown records.

These highlighted problems of the modern day are more reasons to revive the art of family storytelling.

Below, we look at the benefits of this tradition in families and their history.

The truth is storytelling goes beyond entertainment or a family bonding activity. It is how people preserve family memories and history.

Overall, children benefit and become resilient and emotionally stable when they know simple things like where their grandparents come from or how their parents met.

How to Bring Family Storytelling to the Digital World

Family storytelling could use a modern twist.

By adapting storytelling to the digital age channels, you can easily turn treasured attic memories into shareable creations, like custom slideshows and photo books.

Not only will you preserve your loved ones’ legacies, but their stories will be passed down to future generations.

Simple Ways to Engage Family Storytelling at Home

Simple Ways to Engage Family Storytelling at Home

As early as two years, you can start sharing your family stories with your kids using various channels.