Creating Online Memorials for Loved Ones

Creating Online Memorials for Loved Ones

“Nothing really dies unless it is forgotten”~ LJ Smith.

Losing a loved one can be incredibly difficult, but creating an online tribute is a unique way to honour their life while sharing memories.

This type of memorial invites family and friends to celebrate a life well-lived and reminisce together, no matter where they may be. As time passes, the online tribute becomes a heartwarming collection of cherished memories to revisit and treasure forever.

Not to mention, the online memorial becomes a source of family and ancestral history for generations in the future.

If you have decided to build this type of memorial, this article will provide more information on how to do it.

Why Create an Online Memorial

Before we dive into the benefits of creating an online tribute, let’s understand what it is.

An online memorial is a virtual space on the internet that one creates to treasure the story of someone that has passed on. It is sometimes known as an online tribute, virtual memorial or digital memorial.

Much like the physical memorials, it is a space that allows relatives of the deceased and others to celebrate, remember and honour the person.

A digital memorial does much more than honour a departed person.

  • It is a private space you can visit to grieve in a healthy way, celebrate and add a note whenever you want, unrestricted by time and location.
  • Apart from grieving, it is the best way to build lasting memories and connections with late family members. It is a fact that memories fade unless they are preserved- photos wear out, tapes lose relevance with technological advancements, documents tear but online digital files are safe and long-lasting.
  • There is also an element of community when you create an online memorial space. It becomes a place to connect with others grieving the loss of a loved one.

    Lastly, the virtual space becomes a place to collect condolences, memories, and photos, offering a permanent home for celebrating a life lived.

Items to Add to an Online Memorial

An online memorial allows you to create a special place to honour your loved ones who have passed on.

You can include a portrait of them, share their life history, and let others tell their stories and cherish their memories. Photos and videos can showcase the good times, and it’s even possible to include music or other audio to fill the page with the sound of their lives.

There is no limit to the items you can add to an online tribute as long as they are digital files, but here are examples;

  • A biography
  • Personal Histories
  • Voice messages, such as saved voicemails, recorded audio files, wishes, and lessons.
  • Videos from previous events, family gatherings, anniversaries
  • Photos stories
  • Music playlists
  • Personal notes

As a dedicated digital space to honour a departed loved one, you don’t have to add all the information once. The online memorial allows family, friends, and other people you invite to add photos, voice files, notes, and videos at will.

Steps to Build a Private Online Memorial

The most critical factor for building an online memorial is the site where you want to create your memorial. It will determine the type of digital memorial you choose.

For instance, some sites offer a web page, others an app complete with customization features, while others offer both a web page and a companion app.


How to create an online memorial using Autumn Whispers

With the Autumn Whispers app, you can create an online tribute to a loved one using the private digital vault and invite as many people as you wish as contributors to the memorial space.

Just follow the 3 simple steps.